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About Joseph E. Stogniew

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About Joseph E. Stogniew

I hate admit­ting it, but I lost Linda’s con­tact phone num­ber dur­ing my move to Florida. I still would like to update this site for Joe and tell a lit­tle about his life and how much I saw that he enjoyed the BBS hobby.

This site is ded­i­cated to the smiles, laughs and enjoy­ment of being lucky enough to have known Joe Stog­niew and the help he gave me while I was just start­ing to learn the BBS hobby.

I lost a good freind last night that will always be remem­bered, Joe passed away on 10–21-07

I was lucky enough to get to know Joe back in 1994 or 1995 I was run­ning a Rene­gade BBS at the time and of course I did alot of surf­ing for files and look­ing at new things that other Sysop’s were using, try­ing out also. I got to know Joe being he ran a busy BBS called, The Phone Cor­ner in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

I’d often come home from work and check on my BBS then start my surf­ing out on other boards. Any­way, we started using one of his chat rooms and talked alot about my BBS, his BBS and BBS’ing in gen­eral. Before you knew it we were talkng on the phone and vis­it­ing each oth­ers geeky com­puter areas in our homes. I got to meet his lovely wife and one time got lucky enough to be invited to Christ­mas din­ner and meet the fam­ily. And yes, Linda is a GREAT cook, I’m sure you know I enjoyed myself to the max hav­ing din­ner there.

Of course before you knew it I started learn­ing VBBS and with his help laugh­ing of course switched to VBBS from Rene­gade. From that point on we started a long and friendly, friendship!

I’ll be adding more con­tent as the weeks go by.

I’ll be going by Geor­gia in Febuary or March to see Joe’s wife and I hope pick up some pic­tures to throw on the site of years past in Joe’s and his fam­i­lies life.

PS: Rebecca you can call me any time, your Mother has my phone num­ber, I’m sure every­one would enjoy hav­ing you add top­ics / sto­ries to the site.

Sorry Rebecca and Linda and of course any­one else that knew Joe I still plan on updat­ing the site with sto­ries and pic­tures. But I am in the process of mov­ing and I just need to take a break till I’m moved! Hang on a while and I’ll be updat­ing it soon!

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